rv wifi

The solution to good Wi-Fi

There is no doubt Satellite Wifi – data offers the best coverage for mobile travellers, but poor download speeds and high costs continue to limit the suitability of Satellite Wi-Fi for most Australian Caravan and Motorhome owners.

The alternative is to make use of the mobile broadband networks, and to do it with the following characteristics:

  • Speeds similar to or better than at home,
  • Convenience of the Wi-Fi at home(no chargers or temporary hotspots)
  • No practical limit on connected devices like your Wi-Fi at home.
  • No lock in contracts(no forced month on month costs)

RV WIFI has been developed with these requirements in mind.

We think in the 21st century you should be able to use Wi-Fi whilst you are away like you do at home – always powered on, Wi-Fi range of 50m or more, no silly limits like 5 devices, something that works with all the devices you would use at home all with no ongoing contracts.

The RV WIFI solution includes hardware and software has been created and assembled systems that are familiar in any typical household, RV Wi-Fi has developed its Router software with Caravanning Australians in mind. Offering a superior alternative to satellite Wi-Fi on all levels.

You no longer need to miss out on the simplicities that Wi-Fi offers due to exorbitant costs, these alternative speaks for itself.

RV Wi-Fi;

Download Speeds: up to 50Mbps

Costs: Telstra pre-paid – $50 for 5Gbps (12 months to use it!)

Contracts: no contract

Satellite Wi-Fi;

Download Speeds: 144kbps (0.144 Mbps)

Costs: $65 for first 10MB, then $6.50 per MB (plus $50 connection fee)

Contracts: 12 month contract – plus $50 connection fee

Source – http://www.pivotel.com.au/thuraya_ip_rate_plans.php