motorhome wifi

Portable wireless wifi for the caravan & motorhome

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Portable wireless wifi for the caravan & motorhome

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Portable wireless wifi for the caravan & motorhome

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Easy to use DishyDock Ports,  connect your Dishy antenna directly into your Caravan or RV.

DishyDock works with

– Gen 1,

– Gen 2 (Standard Actuated) and

– Gen 3 ( Standard) Starlink Systems.

No more leaving doors or windows open, the internal DishyDock Port is mounted either in your TV Box, Tunnel Boot, Storage Space OR use our IP65 Rated Weatherproof Port for an external setup.

No Cutting Cables, Just Click and Connect.

The System is simple.

You Choose your set up.

 1: Choose your DishyDock Port. Internal, Weatherproof or Back to Back Weatherproof (no cable).

 2: Choose your Cable Length. Choose from 3, 5, 10 or 15m 23AWG Cat6 Shielded Ethernet Cable.

This enables you to place your DishyDock System anywhere in the van you like!

Or if using the back to back weatherproof Port, no cable is required.

 3: DISHYDOCK Router or RV WIFI 5G Router. Your choice to choose which suits you best.

We also now have RV WIFI4G and RV WIFI5G routers available in our range. Along with a variety of add on products to make your traveling a breeze.

RV Wifi 5G Portable

DishyDock Router with WIFI antenna and side panel
RV WIFI 4G router and Box
  • 5G Router uses 3G/4G and 5G
  • MIMO capable providing faster transfer of DATA
  • RV WIFI 5G has a multifunctional 4G/5G/WIFI external antenna, this equals great range
  • Password protected
  • RV WIFI 5G has improved 4G capability
  • RV WIFI 5G works with Starlink
  • DishyDock System works on 12V
  • DishyDock Router works with the Starlink Dishy Antenna
  • DishyDock Ports provide a neat and tidy set up for your Starlink System
  • Choose the DishyDock Starlink System that suits your needs
  • RV WIFI 4G offers great WIFI range. Upto 40m around your campsite and into the tow vehicle
  • RV Wi -Fi 4G comes with a 12 volt power connection, no batteries to run out, just set and forget!
  • Your choice of all Australian Data providers
  • No Contracts; pre-paid data or your choice of plan
  • Installation and user manuals ( QR code )

Everything that you require for the installation into your caravan or motorhome.

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External Antenna
Top up when you need to
Choose your own Data provider
Wi-Fi Access Whilst Towing Your Caravan
A "Hot Spot" that stays with the caravan when your phones moves away
Access the internet from multiple devices
Specially designed software for Recreational Vehicles
12 volt power connection

Customer Testimonials

Lee Hallet

What fantastic service from this business. Ordered an item on a Friday, and have it in my hands on the Monday after. Melbourne to Sydney and then the south coast NSW. Customer service as it should be, but this is next level. Looking forward to a successful install of my WiFi just have to find some spare time. Thanks.

Roy Jones

A wonderful firm to deal with. I was experiencing a log-in problem on my RV WIFI unit. I returned it to RV WIFI and they quickly fixed the problem and returned it. Great quick service highly recommended

Caravan WIFI for camping and Road trips

Our caravan WIFI is suitable for all kinds of adventures. Take your family on a road trip or camping and have reliable internet at your fingertips. RV WIFI works off the Cel Tower network and can be accessed using any Australian Data provider. Open Google maps to see where you are going, or watch the latest Netflix or your favourite streaming service, with RV WIFI’s camping WIFI solution, you’ll stay connected.

RV WIFI is easy to install and can make your trips so much more enjoyable.

Get in touch, and we can help answer your questions.